The coupled ‘Brand’ & ‘Edge’ reflect Your aspirations for market ascension and competitive advantage.

Why ‘Brand’? Because a brand is an influential living entity in every organization! And your brands actualize the experience desired by your customers.

Why ‘Edge’? In your business, securing the edge matters – edge in the customer’s mind, edge with stakeholders; edge as in competitive advantage as well.

The stylized ‘B’ encased in the two-toned orb – There is a distinct bounce that in part characterizes the affable stylized ‘B’. Have you noticed? The orb is ‘smiling’!

Make no mistake though. It is in our nature to be affable; but we are mindful that brand building is about embarking on an important voyage. We are structured to support your brand building adventure with our repertoire of learning solutions.

And we chose a distinct ‘Blue’ to emphasize the fact that a great deal of emotional integrity accompanies every learning activity we initiate. In addition, it symbolizes a sense of assurance as well as dignity.

The color ‘Grey’ – Conveys practicality and the fact that we espouse a corporate mentality when we conceive and execute our learning solutions.

Is Your Brand Smiling?