Chief Learning Officer

Brand Man Mr. Raghunath

‘Managing an eclectic mix of activities gives us the opportunity to explore new frontiers in the domain of branding and marketing. We harbor a deep-seated passion for walking the extra mile to deliver the best to all of our client partners,’ says Raghunath, Chief Learning Officer and Lead Consultant.

Raghunath is a very passionate business development and brand marketing consultant and trainer who holds a double-masters in the field of brand marketing management. He regularly advises client partners operating in a variety of sectors and facilitates training workshops in the field of strategic brand management. The delivery of in-company training programs, both off-the-rack as well as bespoke is regular in his calendar.

Raghunath is also the organizer of Malaysia’s largest and most successful annual brand marketing conference called BRANDFEST.

Typical not-to-be-missed features of his advisory services and workshops include the development of templates/tools/techniques that can be deployed within the company and at work immediately.

A certified recreational diver, Raghunath swims, brisk walks, is fond of discussing geo-political and business issues, is observant, and makes it a point to enhance his knowledge on many fronts every single day.

For a list of tasks accomplished this past 12 months, please contact him at or +6012-332 5626.